S.o.D. Code of Conduct



FIRST AND FOREMOST: Rude or disrespectful comments pertaining to sexism or racism will not be tolerated.

If you are found making such remarks the situation will be reviewed by Senior Officers and if found guilty you will be dismissed from the family.

2. No one member can give orders, they MUST be handed down by ranking officers! When you receive an order, execute it to the best of your ability. If you are online and Playing Mobsters, Please leave the Chat room open and watch for orders.

3. STATS mean nothing to ~S.o.D~. Family Does, and we will back our Family 100% no matter the consequences!

4. It is acceptable to attack up to 3 times for money or experience. Any more than that and you may be starting a war.

5. Follow ALL stand down and truce orders!!! If a temporary stand down is in effect, do not attack or leave comments on any attackers page except a stand down comment. Anyone breaking a truce will be dealt with accordingly.

6. Always try to recruit new members. We get stronger with numbers. As we grow so does the individual's Mob.

When recruiting new members YOU are the first step in the screening process. Make sure you check their comments and do a little research to make sure they are the caliber of mobster we are looking for. Your recruits are a reflection upon you.

7. All members must be active and checking in as needed.

8. Come to the chat room and be part of the family. The War Room is where the Family hangs out, passes information, and organizes all battles. If you are not seen in the chat room you may be mistaken for an inactive member and be removed from the family.

9.When in the Round Table Chat room, honor is a must. Do not degrade yourself or our family by insulting others or yelling and cussing at others, non family included. The Round Table is a controlled
environment and the conversation is led by Senior Officers, keep yourself and your comments in check.

10. Check the ~S.o.D~ group page DAILY for updates and announcements and be sure to add all members!

11. Once you have read and agree to these rules, start putting ~S.o.D~ after all of your messages and comments. Since we are aligned with the Coalition family you may add "Coalition to your tags also but it must follow your S.o.D. and rank tag. (I.E. S.o.D. Soldier ~ Coalition) This is important so the family and Coalition allies will know who you are.

12. ~S.o.D~ has strong allies. When we are not in a war of our own, we are expected to back our allies! Treat them as FAMILY! These allies are listed on the "Allies" page of the website.

13. Remember, your tag shows that you are S.o.D. You must conduct yourself in a manner that shows you care about your Family. We are a proud Family, and we demand the respect of all Mobsters. In return we will show respect to others in broadcasts and comments. Your actions are a direct reflection of the family. Tarnishing the reputaion of the family is cause for dismissal.

14. Anyone who fails to follow this basic Code of Conduct will be dismissed from the ~S.o.D~ Family

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